HSC Critique - Further Study Links

  • Board of Studies:  http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/
    This is the bible for every HSC student, it provides access to the syllabus, past examination papers, key vocaulary and advice in responding to the examination. This should be regularly visited by students and teachers alike, as it has everything to do with the examination.

  • HSC on-line:  http://hsc.csu.edu.au/visual_arts/index.htm
    This is a support site for students studying the HSC and seeks to provide help in deciphering the syllabus and has some good resources for study.

  • Art Gallery of NSW:  http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/home
    This has a number of educational resources related to specific exhibitions and provides an excellent resource for studentís development of case studies in section 2.

  • Artlex Art Dictionary:  http://www.artlex.com/
    This is a good general reference site that provides dates and introductory information about everything concerning art. This is a good site to start your research.

  • The VCE Art:  http://www.vceart.com/artists/
    This has some good information about contemporary Australian artists and was to write about art, this one is worth a look.

  • HSC in a Month: 
    A good book for preparation to the HSC course and examination is Visual Arts in a Month by Craig Malyon, Pascal Press.

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